Palms at Wailea Rental Overview

Palms at Wailea Rental Overview

Visitor occupancy in Wailea vacation condos was soft overall in April, barely eclipsing 50%. Meanwhile the three units we manage at the Palms absolutely crushed it, with an aggregate 85% occupancy rate for April. is a smaller (70 total units), service-oriented management service, and we believe our more than 3,600 5-star reviews sets units we manage apart.
That begins with owner pride, and the owners of Units 703, 705, and 801 are similar: they want their units to reflect their pride of ownership. With our vigilance, they keep their units meticulously maintained. Our management success begins with a great product, and we thank them!
If your occupancy figures didn’t match ours, or if you’re feeling that your unit is lacking a little love from your current management services, let’s talk! Call or email me any time: Kevin Spaise, (808) 344-0624, [email protected].
Here’s how we present our units, across nine platforms: Palms at Wailea 703 in South Maui | Vacation Maui Palms at Wailea 705 in South Maui | Vacation Maui Palms at Wailea 801 in South Maui | Vacation Maui

Our occupancy has been through the roof, even through the recently challenging times. Unit 703 was occupied 86% of the time, while units 703 and 801 averaged 92%. Rates for 703 and 705 averaged around $535 per night with a peak of $650, while unit 801, the 1-bedroom, rented at $300-339 per night.
Our rates were down over 2023 by approximately 10% (island rates as a whole were down 23%) and our occupancy was approximately 20% higher than other management companies at comparable complexes. We attribute this to great reviews, aggressive marketing, and excellent guest service.
We’re a low-volume management service (, with just 70 units under management, and we’re intentionally small. Our team is committed to providing the ultimate guest experience, and with more than 4,000 reviews and a 4.85+ overall average across all of our properties, we’re succeeding. Our unit care is on point. We’re locally based and our ownership is very hands-on. If you’ve thought about exploring your options, feel free to give me a call at (808) 344-0624, or an email at [email protected]. I sell a lot of investment real estate: my site is Our management site is 

Kevin Spaise is a Maui Realtor specializing in Maui vacation rental investment real estate. Kevin is an expert in Kihei and Wailea real estate and has been a full time Realtor for 20 years, with more than $120M transacted. He owns Vacation Maui, a property management company with 70+ investment condos under management, and delights in providing real-time performance data to future investors. See, or call him directly at (808) 344-0624.

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